About BringYourStoryToLife.com

BringYourStoryToLife.com was founded by Writer/Producer Michael Chapa and staffed as needed with a host of various independent writers, editors and associates. Mr. Chapa has written many treatments, screenplays and books along with producing independent movies that have been sold or distributed in various traditional and non-traditional income-producing ways. He is the Writer/Producer/Co-Director of the soon to be released, animated action drama feature movie Circumstances of Fate and the Executive Producer of the internationally distributed movie Polanski Unauthorized. Michael Chapa has solid, established Hollywood connections and an extensive background in production and marketing along with recently writing and publishing the children’s adventure book Save the Horses. He has worked on movies in various capacities that have featured such actors as Faye Dunaway, Leif Garrett, Robert Wagoner, Brad Dourif, William Smith, Robert Miano, Robert Z’Dar, Chase Masterson, Faith Ford and many others. He has attended numerous international film markets and festivals. Mr. Chapa’s gregarious personality and his knack of networking with creative content buyers and acquisition agents enable him to keep his ear to the ground and his hand on the pulse of what the buyer is looking for in this ever-changing environment.

The main focus of BringYourStoryToLife.com is to help independent first-time or seasoned writers to get their bring their story to life by achieving their goals of writing their own books, treatments and screenplays along with getting them published and distributed to their desired audience.

We are dedicated to our local and global community and give back on a regular basis by donating services and products to various agencies. We are very proud of our primary, ongoing sponsorship campaign that has allowed us to donate many Save the Horses books to various children’s organizations, charities and animal rescue groups.