Attaching a name actor or a director to your screenplay – Getting your screenplay produced. can get a known actor/s to contractually attach themselves to your screenplay. In plain terms this means that they agree in writing, for a fee, under specific terms, that if your screenplay is produced, that actor will appear in the movie and play the role of a particular character. This can add great value to your screenplay and increase your chances of having a production company read it and ultimately produce it. It can also give you better credibility as a writer in the eyes of certain individuals. The affordable actors that we are able to work with are Hollywood B-list type actors, some of which were A-listers several years ago. These are experienced, known actors that are recognizable by appearance, have a recognizable name in the industry and have a long list of movie and television appearances on their resume’. Having a name actor attached to your project can attract other name actors to want to be a part of it also.

These types of name actors may be of more value to independent movie production companies than larger production companies, but the value is still there. This value can open doors of opportunity for you that would otherwise have been closed.

You should not spend the money to attach an actor unless you are serious about doing whatever you can to make your screenplay stand out from others, with the goal of getting it produced into a movie or selling the screenplay to another production company.

Having an actor attached to your screenplay can open up avenues of opportunity, from making your writing material more commercially viable and standing apart from the writing material of others to making it easier for you to raise funds to produce your screenplay into a movie. can also get an experienced director attached to your screenplay. Attaching an experienced director who agrees in writing to direct a movie based on your screenplay can offer all of the above value and more. A director will have good contacts with actors along with key crew members and once attached to your screenplay, will have a vested interest in doing whatever possible to help get it produced.