Critique & Editing – getting a professional opinion, adding or subtracting content and moving forward. offers various writing services for manuscripts and screenplays from a professional review to ghost writing new material. The review service, which is the first step to moving forward to other services that we offer, is very affordable. We don’t review the material for grammar or other basics. You can get that done by any local editor. We offer you something much more valuable than basic grammar editing. Your submitted material is read thoroughly for its unique original content, commercial viability and production/market value. This review process takes approximately one week based on 90 to 120 pages of written material. A longer screenplay or manuscript will take a few more days. Once the review is completed you will receive a written report of our findings. This report can help you in many ways such as from the business standpoint of further legitimizing your work as material potentially suitable for the market place. The report can also possibly give you valuable insight on any suggested enhancements that may be needed to get your material to the next stage. The added bonus to this review is that it is being done by an actual media company that buys, options, develops, produces and sells various projects. There are no guarantees, but after carefully reading and reviewing your story, if we like it, we may possibly make you an offer to acquire the material or partner with you to develop it further, get it published, distributed or produced.

Submitting your written material is also a good way for us to get acquainted with you and your style of writing. On occasion we collaborate with various writers that we come in contact with to help complete some of our projects.