Ghostwriting your story.

We can help you write your story or completely ghost write it for you. Either way, we do not require you to share any writing credit with us. It is your story and your name should be the only one attached to it. Typically, a ghost writer is a writer who is contracted to write content that is officially credited to another writer. It is not uncommon for individuals to hire ghost writers to write or edit various forms of written material. Ghostwriting services can range from writing treatments that can highlight the existing material for promotional purposes, adding content where needed, or completely writing any story or autobiography based on the credited author’s guidelines. An experienced professional touch can help to enhance the commercial viability of the author’s written material. This enhancement can help to get your book or screenplay published, bought, optioned or produced.

Our ghostwriting services are also offered in the form of research for the credited author’s story development needs. We provide writing services for press releases, dissertations, term papers, essays, theses, and even posting various comments to your blog. Additionally, we can help to enhance your career and credibility in a particular field by helping to write a book, authored by you on a specific topic. Our cost for ghostwriting services is generally based on a flat fee relative to your particular needs.