Publishing and Distribution – getting your book published and/or distributed to the world.

Screenplay representation – getting your screenplay into the hands of producers.

Every writer has their own goals for their written material. It can range from just getting the material into print for strictly personal accomplishment to getting it distributed to the world…or at least aimed at their desired target readers. We can help you get your book laid out properly and, if needed, provide illustrations, photos or whatever else it takes to get it printed. We can guide you through self-publishing, finding a traditional method of publishing and even partnering with you to get your book distributed.

As a distribution partner we will work with you to market yourself as a writer through press releases, book signings, blogs and social media. We will offer your book for sale on this website, and with other products, at various public and private events. We will work to get it distributed along with other books in various traditional and non-traditional venues where books are read and sold.

We also offer additional services for screenplay writers, from attaching a named actor to your written work to getting the screenplay into the hands of producers who may be interested in further developing or producing it.